A committed establishment

 Nestled in the heart of the village of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce, the building was constructed by an architect from Saint Nicolas. We wanted to work with traditional material from the Haut-Savoie (Mont Blanc granite, shingle roofing, larch wood, etc.) so the building would fit in perfectly with the local architecture while supporting the region’s economy.

The owner has visited the village of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce since he was a boy. Enamoured with the place, he decided to open the establishment to infuse the village with a bit of energy and create a friendly place for locals and visitors alike.

Life in the heart of the Mont Blanc region is a wonderful and fortunate one, and to ensure that these magnificent landscapes continue to hold all of their beauty, the Armancette Hotel, Chalets & Spa is committed to reducing their ecological footprint.


  • Unisoap: this association recycles soap used in the hotel. This soap is transformed and then provided to underprivileged communities in France and abroad to give them better access to hygienic measures.
  • Zero Waste: in a zero rubbish/zero waste initiative, the Armancette Hotel, Chalets & Spa has a electromechanical organic composter on site. The compost is then used as fertiliser for the employees’ gardens or those located in the village.
  • Zero Plastic: in order to eliminate single-use plastics, we provide our customers with micro-filtered mountain water in glass bottles. The bar straws are made from bamboo, the table napkins are recyclable and the bedroom key cards are made of hazel wood.
  • To help with the survival of the bee populations, we have planted honey-producing flowers in our gardens so the bees and flowers can nourish each other and reproduce. With the same purpose in mind, we will soon install beehives and create our own honey.
  • Our street art garage is equipped with electric-vehicle chargers that are compatible with all vehicle brands and electrically assisted mountain bikes.


  • The Armancette Hotel, Chalets & Spa promotes short distribution channels by working with fresh, seasonal products sold by local producers.
  • The opening of the baker and tea room re-established a local business and a meeting place for the village where everyone can bump into other people and enjoy homemade bread and pastries.